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Need for ongoing grassroots awareness and collaborations
Your job is undeniably great and appreciated. However, there is need for ongoing public awareness especially in local rural areas for this campaign.

Personally, I would like to be involved in my own small way together with a group of youth involved with LETSEMA CENTRE (non profit) I am mentoring.

We are already discussing creative ways of adding value to campaigns like yours in our locality by mainstreaming "SaveTlhalerwaCampaign" in our broad grassroots work, and it would be great to collaborate with you. Tlhalerwa/Lekanyane is the Sepedi/Setswana name for African Wild Dog.

There is definitely need for both ongoing awareness and collaborations to save the African Wild Dog. Keep great.
Posted by Bennitto Motitswe on 01 September 2015
you do good job!
you do great job! in sweden were i live I work with dogs lot and your work is really good!

My dog blog is
Posted by Daniel Svensson on 21 February 2014
African Wild Dog<3
I just started an endangered species science project on these animals and I am glad there is a foundation trying to protect them. Everyone says "save the whales! save the polar bears!", and they never think about other beautiful species out there that need just as much support and protection.
Posted by Haley on 16 May 2013
Your work
I met Tico on trip to South Africa last week - very inspiring. I believe the ongoing and current research you support is absolutely fundamental to sustaining wild dog and predator survival in Africa. Thank you. James. Minneapolis. Minnesota.
Posted by James Robertson on 19 March 2013
Painted dogs
I love these beautiful animals and want to move some where to take care of them and help study them
Posted by Josh on 20 January 2013
Beautiful Wild Dogs
Posted on 20 February 2012
Protect the African Wild Dog
Posted on 03 February 2012
Wild Dogs in Kruger Park
Posted on 28 January 2012
African Wild Dogs Book
Posted on 18 December 2011
Volunteering project in southern africa
Posted on 08 November 2011
Wild Dogs in Kenya
Posted on 10 September 2011
Good on you!!
Posted on 19 August 2011
Well Done
Posted on 13 April 2011
A very worthy cause
Posted on 06 April 2011
I'm going to the dogs!
Posted on 16 December 2010
Painted Wild Dogs
Posted on 16 September 2010
African Wild Dogs
Posted on 23 May 2010
Posted on 11 May 2010
Wildlife ACT
Posted on 10 May 2010
African Wild Dogs
Posted on 11 March 2010
making a difference
Posted on 01 March 2010
Doing my part
Posted on 28 December 2009
US non-profits for wild dogs?
Posted on 15 December 2009
Bless you
Posted on 16 August 2009
DVD, Book
Posted on 01 July 2009
Stunning dogs
Posted on 19 May 2009
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