N/a’an ku sê Foundation - conserving and re-establishing African Wild Dogs in Namibia

Marlice van Vuuren, one of Namibia’s most well known conservationists, and her husband Dr. Rudie van Vuuren started N/a’an ku sê Foundation in 2006 with two aims – to protect and conserve Namibia’s vulnerable wildlife and to improve the lives of the marginalised San Bushman community.

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N/a’an ku sê is leading the way in conserving African Wild Dogs, a critically endangered predator in Namibia. We have united all of Namibia’s captive facilities holding wild dogs, together with the support of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and international experts in Wild Dog management. Together, we shall develop a national strategy for reintroduction of wild dogs through the re-establishment of packs from wild-caught and captive reared Wild dogs.

We are reaching a critical point where if we don’t act now, the Wild Dog species in Namibia may face imminent extinction.

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Our philosophy is "Conservation through Innovation" and we strive to create sustainable and long-term solutions. It is our vision to play a pro-active role in nature conservation because we believe that we hold this invaluable heritage in our trust for future generations. We cannot undo what has been done... but we can shape our future. 

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We do not receive any government funding and are solely reliant on generous donations and the time of volunteers to continue our vital work to help the people and animals of Namibia. By visiting our unique Lodge or Volunteering at one of our projects, you can help to make our vision a reality. All profits from our activities go directly to benefit our work with wildlife conservation and the San Bushman community.

We’re a small but dedicated team - ambitious and innovative and we won’t ever stop until we achieve our vision.

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